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Pet Head selection next to a dog in a towel
Pet Head selection next to a dog in a towel

Pet Head

In 2007, Pet Head was launched by the same creators of Bed Head hair care products in the USA. The line was inspired out of their love for animals and to ensure our pooches get the same quality products as we do!

Pet Head has an amazing range of shampoos, conditioners and sprays to keep your pup smelling great!

It’s not just the fresh and fruity fragrances that make Pet Head amazing. All Pet Head products are packed with natural ingredients that nourish the dogs fur leaving it soft, shiny, strong and obviously, smelling great – aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile, argan oil and oatmeal are just a few of those amazing ingredients.

Dogs are our family too!

Our mission is to be part of the playful and loving relationship between you and your dog. Because we believe that dogs are part of our family and they deserve the best like you do too!

Only Pet Head has the most pampering, multi-sensorial and effective care range, allowing you to treat your dog as well as you treat yourself.


pH Balanced

Puppy Friendly

No Nasties



Gentle formulas

Amazing Fragrances


Ditch The Dirt

Quick Fix

Sensitive Soul


Mucky Pup

On All Paws

Feelin' Good

A white dog laying in a muddy puddle

Ditch The Dirt

Swam in the river, rolled in poo? Bring back your sweet-smelling bestie with these bath time favourites.

A Labrador in a soapy tin bath in the garden

Quick Fix

No time for hours of pampering? These quick fixes spruce up your dog so you can both hit the town. An easy, everyday range that makes cleaning more enjoyable for all.

A clean dog jumping outside

Sensitive Soul

Soft and gentle does it, soothing shampoos for more sensitive pooches. A soothing range full of nourishing ingredients for dogs with delicate skin.

A very fluffy dog kissing a woman in a field


It’s all about that gloss, show your love and turn heads with these coat care products.

A dog jumping after a toy in the garden

Mucky Pup

Bath time fun for your new addition to the family. A kind and gentle range, perfect for puppies’ young and delicate skin.

A human holding a dog's paws

On All Paws

Pedicure for paws. A highly hydrating range to soothe and relieve the driest of paws.

A kit resting contently in the long grass

Feelin' Good

Cool for Cats. A little luxury before they slink off for the night. An everyday range to get cats clean, soft and fluffy.

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Perfectly pampered pets, our furry friends are always clean, fresh and fun!

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Pet Head consists of soothing shampoo’s, softening conditioners, amazing sprays, nourishing paw butters and quick fix wipes! Pet Head smells unique and amazing, one of the key features that differentiates Pet Head from all the other brands. All Pet Head formulas are pH balanced, super mild and free of sulphates, petroleum derivatives and DEA.

No, Pet Head products, or ingredients have never, and never will be tested on animals.

All our products are made in the USA, in FDA approved and eco-friendly facilities. All our products are made to human standards so your pooch gets the best!

Your pet’s coat is far more alkaline and more sensitive than a human baby’s skin. Pet Head products will wash out easily and will not leave unwanted residue, which would otherwise cause dryness, itching and flakiness of their skin.