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Slow Feeders

Green Slow Feeder

Got a greedy dog who eats too fast? Or is your pet in need of some mental stimulation? The Green Slow Feeder is just what you need to turn mealtimes into a challenging game.


Turn meals into a game

Many dogs lack mental stimulation throughout the day which can lead to boredom and unwanted behaviours. The Green Slow Feeder dog bowl helps keep your pet’s mind active during feeding time to keep things on track.


Happier, healthier dog

The Green Slow Feeder calms down eating time, reducing your dog’s risk of bloat, a potentially fatal disease for any pet. What’s more, by keeping things slow, the chance of vomiting, gagging, gas or belching is also significantly reduced – so you’ll have a much happier and healthier dog


Watching your weight

The Green Slow Feeder dog bowl is ideal for dogs on a calorie restricted diet. By slowing down your dog’s eating and getting them to work for it, they’ll be more satisfied with what they get.


Available in 2 sizes

Choose between the Regular Green Slow Feeder and the Mini Green Slow Feeder – perfect for small dogs and puppies.


Why don't you make this game even more exciting by pouring Coachies Training Rewards on Green? No dog can resist our super tasty and healthy treats!

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