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How to deal with the unexpected on your daily walks

Most of us like to plan our route before setting off somewhere new. Even our daily walks take a little thought as variety is key for our four-legged friends but what would you do if something unexpected happened? Have you ever had livestock surprise you? Another dog reacting less than friendly or even an intimidating stranger coming too close?

Something worth thinking about is what you ought to do in situations like these and we’re here to help you. First things first, you may need to think ahead and brush up on some training in a familiar place. Obedience amidst the odd distraction is good but consistent obedience is better, so it is best to keep your sessions short and focused with plenty of treats to hand. Then, you can gradually increase your successes by introducing a couple of distractions but always ending on a high.

Unwelcome attention

As a rule, if you see another dog on a lead you should always offer them a wide birth as they will have their reasons for doing so and we ought to remain respectful of our fellow dog owners. That said, you may want to carry a Pet Corrector just in case a situation goes awry, and you need to protect yourself, your dog or to break up a fight. The sound emitted is inspired by sounds from nature, much like a snake “hiss” and will stop a dog in its tracks without causing harm.

Removing yourselves

Should you stumble across wildlife or livestock you will need excellent recall and a swift exit. The Company of Animals Recall Line, Whizz Click or High Frequency Whistle will help you with this training – as well as plenty of yummy treats! Farmers and conservationists rely on responsible dog owners to avoid inflicting stress to valuable, vulnerable, or even endangered creatures.

Stay intact

Should a dislocated shoulder be feasible if a squirrel suddenly made an appearance, there are many no-pull training solutions that can help you to come back from all your walks in one piece. Our famous Halti Headcollar has revolutionised millions of dog’s owners’ lives, and the Halti No-Pull Harness is also an excellent training tool to help curb the issue that affects 34% of dog owners globally.

Stay close

Should you feel intimidated by a situation it is best for you and your dog to remain close for both physical and emotional security. We recommend checking out our “Teaching Middle” training guide and enjoying your walks without headphones in and with your (fully charged) phone in your pocket at all times. Remember, “walkies” will be the highlight of many a dog’s day – it’s their time with YOU.

How to deal with the unexpected on your daily walks ~