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Getting the right muzzle for your dog’s nose shape

All dogs are different, that’s why we love them! The same applies to their body shape, including their snouts. The key to finding the best (and frankly, safest) fit for your dog is to measure first – don’t just rely on the breed guidance on size tables.

Trainers, charities, and veterinarians the world over recommend our Baskerville muzzles and this series is here to help you to find the best option for your unique pooch.

First, you need to ensure you measure your dog’s nose length correctly as this is the most important for safety reasons – it ensures your muzzle will not tip or slip off during wear. If you can take your dog to your local pet store for measurement, even better. If buying online, we would suggest purchasing a couple options to see what fits best and return the unwanted items.

In any scenario, the muzzle needs to allow your dog to be able to pant and drink especially if it’s used for daily exercise, groomer visits, or extended periods of wear.,

If your dog’s nose shape is either extremely short or extremely long, you will need to take the time for more research to find best muzzle option. If your dog is between sizes on your first choice of muzzle, you should also take the time to find the best design for your dog rather than compromising.

It’s vital you get this right and you’re not duped by cheap, inferior, and dangerous latex alternatives. Made with Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Baskerville muzzles are strong, safe and secure. Fabric or “sock” muzzles are also a no-no. Remember; dogs need to be able to pants freely at all times. Fabric muzzles restrict this.

Getting the right muzzle for your dog’s nose shape ~