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Checking you have the right fit

When purchasing a muzzle for your dog and once your dog is happy to wear their muzzle, we recommend you take the time to check that the fit is right. Taking time to do this will ensure This ultimately means your four-legged friend will be safe and comfortable in their muzzle at all times.

How to check your muzzle is the perfect fit:

  1. Adjust both the neck and head strap (if applicable) to fit, they should be snug but not tight. This also means that the muzzle should not come into contact with your dog’s eye area
  2. There should be a gap between the muzzle basket and the end of your dog’s nose. This gap should ideally be around 1 cm
  3. Ensure your dog’s muzzle circumference provides enough space around your dog’s face so that they are able to pant and drink freely

Do you want to tailor your muzzle?

The Ultra Muzzle can be warmed in hot tap water, much like a sports mouth guard, and then shaped to widen the fit on your dog.


Checking you have the right fit ~