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Since youth, we were all taught to fasten our seatbelts when we set off in the car, but what about our pets?

Alarmingly, a recent study has found that 34% of drivers do not secure their pets when travelling by car and 64% of drivers are unaware of the rules surrounding car safety for animals. As such, we’re here to help spread the word on car safety for pets and encourage you to look up the law in your state or country.

Overall, rules outline those animals travelling by car must be restrained or secured in order to avoid distraction, injury or even death. If your dog is riding up front, leaping around or barking excessively in the car could be pulled over for driving ‘without due care and attention’, This could also be used as evidence against you if you were to be involved in an accident.

If your pet is found to have caused or contributed to an accident, your car insurance could be invalid, as well as any pet insurance. You could also face a fine of thousands if you’re taken to court, as well as points or penalties on your licence.

From a welfare point of view, we should also not be allowing our dogs stick their heads out of the window. This could damage their ear drums or suffer injury if they hit an object. If you are going to have the window down, it is wise to secure your dog so they cannot climb up or out

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