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Grooming your dog from home

Over the last year our children and partners have had to endure at-home haircuts and the results have been, well, in most cases, hilarious. However, dog grooming is crucial to your pet’s health and comfort. There are, understandably, a few areas of dog grooming that require a great deal of care and upkeep and the team at Pet Head are here to help guide you through them

Step 1 Treats! Not all dogs enjoy grooming and bath time so plenty of rewards and praise can help this become a time for bonding.

Step 2 Brush your dog’s coat: This is be done little and often taking special care around sensitive areas. This will prevent any matting (if they are prone it it) and also acclimatize your dog to the process.

Step 3 Bath your dog: Long or curly haired dogs will need bathing more frequently however a regular wash for all dogs is advised to keep their coats clean and healthy. Always make sure to start your bath with a knot-free coat or else you’ll risk further matting. Check out our collection of pet shampoos and conditioners to see which is best for your dog’s coat. 

Step 4 Clean your dog’s eyes: Should your dog have dirty eyes, never try to trim the coat around the eyes. Instead, moisten a piece of cotton wool and carefully wipe from the corner of your dog’s eye downwards to remove. If done daily, this will prevent build-up.

Step 5 Look after your dog’s feet: You ought to check your dog’s claws every 3-6 weeks and depending on growth. A good way to tell if they need a trim to look at your dog when they are standing straight. The nails should not touch the floor. If they are, then they need a trim. This should be left to your vet or groomer as an incorrect cut could cause bleeding and pain. You should also regularly check your dog’s paw pads for damage, cracking and sensitivity between the pads especially in extreme temperatures. Pet Head Paw Balm is the perfect product to nourish and care for delicate paws.

Grooming your dog from home ~